July 23rd, 2019


I get knocked down, but I get up again.

Now I'm apparently applying my habit of titling stories with song lyrics to blog titles as well. :D

There was a certain amount of really stupid "internet drama" recently around my story Kiss Against the Wall. Said drama was perpetuated entirely by somebody who didn't even have the guts to leave me a comment on the story, speak up in a chat room I'm actually in, or do anything else to my face, it was all just stupid backbiting. (And, by the way, if somebody ever approaches you with some kind of salacious "Did you know so and so is a pedophile?!" comment... Please do consider checking the actual source they're citing as proof and, you know, looking at it, so you know the full story. A story featuring a teenager masturbating and engaging in online chat room sex is very different from a story about kiddie diddling. I know this may shock people, but a large number of real, actual teenagers do in fact masturbate. The story literally has in its description the fact that said teenager waits to be of age before actually having sex. I really have no words for how much eye-rolling I've done over the nonsense of trying to pretend that the "underage" AO3 tag alone means it's outright child porn.)


Drama isn't going to keep me from writing what I want, or from sharing it. So the full story is up now, I just posted the final chapter a few minutes ago.

I'm quite aware that it's not everyone's cup of tea, of course. Teenage sexuality is a touchy subject, there's some very difficult and triggery stuff in Matt's character and backstory, and this is also about religiously raised folks who are gay so, you know, there's some pretty intense homophobia in it. And some kink as well, as it's drawing on the part of my own life story where I discovered sex and BDSM basically in parallel. It's meant to be realistic, is what I'm saying here, which means it's peculiar, messy, and uncomfortable, but I also happen to think it's sweet, hot, and engaging, so...

(I rather treasure the fact that somebody bookmarked it with a note about it being realistic. <3 Yay!)

If any of that sounds interesting to you, go have a look.

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