July 24th, 2019


I swear my muse is a sadist.

I kept thinking about how Kiss Against the Wall is tagged with Alpha/Beta/Omega, but it's not really, it's that the characters have read those stories, and incorporate a mock-dynamic into their interactions because of the one choosing AlphaOmega as his handle in a chat room.

(God, I am such a nerd.)

Anyway. My muse has latched onto this and is now going "You could write an actual Alpha/Beta/Omega story, you know" and presented me with about 2/3 of a story outline. So, er... I guess this is going to be a thing?

And yet again I'm borrowing my husband's workplace because it's been 15 years since I worked a "real" job and most of my past working locations don't really have anything useful for story settings. Doing factory assembly, for example, doesn't really allow for coworker interactions, you just sit at your machine and do your step in the assembly line. And since I swear 90% of these stories start out with office jobs, my muse has latched onto that and had an office job idea, and there's a whole thing with my husband and skee-ball that I knew would make a perfect early interaction for the pair... So I keep casting my husband in stories I write, only in situations and doing things he'd never actually do. At least this time I'm not metaphorically shipping him with his brother? :D

Here's the blurb:

Carlton is an alpha, and though he finds the "rank" system annoying in the extreme, he's not above playing up his alpha status to get a desperately needed job after months of unemployment. One of his coworkers, a man named Tony, refuses to even admit what his rank is. The office betas seem to assume he's an alpha, for he's brash, bold, and aggressively competent at nearly everything. But Carlton can't help but notice a certain scent around Tony's cubicle, and he soon has reason to suspect that Tony's not an alpha at all.

Carlton is perfectly happy to let work stay work and treat Tony like anyone else, despite his suspicions. Tony, though, seems suddenly to be making some moves of his own. He's always claimed to be the one on top of everything he does, and it seems that even when he allows himself to finally go off his regulating pills and go into heat, he's still going to stay very much in charge of things. Which is going to make life very interesting for Carlton...

Not sure about "Carlton" as the name. I do like Tony, though, I think that's just right.

This is another "WTF do I even do with it?" story, but eh. So are all of them right now, except the pair of MLP commissions I'm slowly grinding my way through, so it doesn't make much difference.

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