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An accomplished day.
I finished a Good Omens fic. I think. It's a bit of a jumbled one, and I'm considering trying to get a beta reader for it, but while finding people who can fix my occasionally erratic punctuation is relatively straightforward, finding people who can say "This character arc seems to be missing something, what if you added in a moment to make this specific later moment feel more earned?" is reeeeeeeeeeeeeally hard. Lotta people are good at breaking down sentences, they teach that in school. Not so many people are good at breaking down story structure.

Anyhow! It's only a fanfic that I'm writing for fun, not even a Patreon thing, so I'll probably just plop it out there as-is in a few days.

In other news, I bought the goober child ridiculous Rainbow Dash shoes today. They were on clearance, and were one size larger than she's actually wearing right now, so they'll fit her for a while. They're hologram foil pastel rainbow tennis shoes. The only connection to RD is her head stamped on them, they're not actually her colors, since she's not pastel at all, but they're still awesome.

Also while I was out I purchased dead rodents, diaper pail liners, and booze. The diaper pail liners were the only reason I left the house at all, even, the rest of it could have been put off, but we'd just filled the last one, and I'd rather not live in diaper stench.

My life, like my shopping list, is occasionally (and by occasionally I mean usually) a little strange. :3

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