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I'd say I've been productive lately, but actually I wrote this well over a year ago. I've been sitting on it, waiting for somebody else's effort, due to a long story, but I've reached a "fuck it" point with said somebody else for reasons actually unrelated to the wait, so I'm basically kicking the story out the door in order to be done and cut ties completely.

Which is funny, because the story is also a little bit of a present to my long-distance girlfriend, who I am not cutting ties with AT ALL, but she read it back when it was written.

But anyhow.

Now-with-dramatic-backstory-nobody-needs-to-know, I present my latest My Little Pony kinkfic.


Fleeting Flame may be a vampire, but on this particular night he's not hungry for blood, he's craving kink and cock. He has a plan, a very specific fantasy he wants to act out with the lovely Perique Blend. Sometimes reality doesn't live up to fantasy, but sometimes it can, and tonight the real thing might be even better than Flame could have anticipated.

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