August 15th, 2019


You know the thing...

...where you say "Oh, I know nobody will like this" but there's a little secret part of you that goes "but what if everybody does?"

Like, when it comes to weird-ass kinks, well, 50 Shades became a massive phenomenon. So why *not* my demon-binding kinkfic? Why not?

I mean, I know that no, it's not likely.

And yet every now and then something surprises me. Like the trans-adjacent Aziraphale-with-a-vag feels fic was one I was sure would go nowhere, but while it's not my top, it got a *ton* of positive attention.

So why not the demon binding kink fic? It's sweet. It's not super out there, kink-wise, it's mostly close to vanilla, just a little light pain play so far. Why not? I tell myself it won't do well, but the secret heart of me desperately hoped it will.

It didn't.


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