August 19th, 2019



I opened the window to post something, then got interrupted by the goober, and now I don't remember what it was.


Nothing interesting has happened today, unless you count actually managing to leave the house to go grocery shopping interesting, although I did post something to Patreon which I should have posted last week. (Oops?)

I am not the world's most organized person, and being be-goobered only makes it worse. Do you know how hard it is to remember things when you get constantly interrupted? Like, it's not even "just write them down so you remember them" I can't even remember to write them down because see this entire post, actually.

Post another chapter of Black Starfire, too. Just a short one. A longer one and two chapters of Spark to Light a Candle tomorrow, though! I have to say, re-reading that as I post it, that even as old as it is, I'm still proud of it. It's not perfect. But it's pretty dang good.

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