August 20th, 2019


Gonna be one of those days.

Makes me want to go link the Weird Al song.

The goober managed to spill two cups of chocolate milk this morning. Both pure accident, the first was just one of those things, the second was a result, I suspect, of being so distressed still about the first that she didn't even notice I hadn't put the lid on the new cup and pulled it off as if it had a lid. Sigh. So I had to mop the floor before I could finish making my morning cup of coffee, and I think I should have re-boiled the water, because even though I was pretty quick, it must have been long enough for it to cool too much (it's supposed to be short of boiling, I was letting it cool while I made her milk, just not too much short of boiling) because my cup isn't as strong as usual. Tempts me to go make a second one...

But it's my day off today! So I get to dump the goober on her grandma and have some "me" time. I'm debating if I want to go to my fav. bar and get a cider, or if I want to just stay in and putter about.

Either way I'm hoping to get a few thousand words of writing out. The Good Omens story I'm working on right now is ticking along nicely.

I've started a new one. I still need to write the final scene of Black Starfire, but that'll come in time, I just need to get into the right mood for about an hour, it's nearly done. (The right mood being "horny" as it's a sex scene, and I really do write better sex when I'm craving it myself. I probably would have written it yesterday, except my husband rather took care of that mood for me first. He's so bad for my smut writing! :D I still won't complain.)

Anyway, the new one is me deciding that now that I've done the "Crowley was Raphael" trope it's time to tackle my next favorite Good Omens-specific trope, Aziraphale Falls. I didn't really feel like doing a painful, wallowing in angst fic, though. So I paradoxically set up a fic that's ten times as fluffy, by adding an extra mean-to-my-characters-thing in. See, what if angels and demons can't even touch? Or at least it hurts when they do? The pair touch in the show, but with only one exception they merely brush fingers while handing something over. What if that's part of what's fueling the fact that they say "friend" rather than "love" because what's the point in trying to be lovers (they might think) if you can't even touch?

But of course, when Aziraphale becomes a fallen angel, which is to say, a demon just like Crowley, they can touch at last. So even though there's a lot of angst and suffering, he comes around to liking it pretty damn fast. :D And then he realizes that he doesn't have to worry about sin anymore, and maybe it's time to cut loose just a little... (I mean, Aziraphale's idea of cutting loose is pretty tame, but I'm right now writing a bit where he basically puts the evil eye on a homophobic git, and it's pretty fun.)

Dunno when that will be done. It's not a single coherent through-line plot like I usually do, it's more a series of little "Oh, and this could happen!" moments, with Aziraphale managing to do all of the Seven Deadly Sins as a loose framework, but that kind of structure means I have no feel for how long it's going to be. It's 15k already, though. So pretty long!

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