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The muse is *still* a nutter!
I was reminded that Cybersix is a thing that exists yesterday. And I'd just finished up a frankly pretty boring Good Omens fic. I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the very specific tags I'm into (Aziraphale with a vag fics, submissive Crowley fics, Crowley was Raphael fics.) I'm sure there are oodles more great Good Omens fics I just haven't managed to find, but I thought maybe I need a new fandom for a bit.

And hey, I can read through every single solitary Cybersix fic on AO3 in a couple of days, probably! Assuming I don't bother to finish the truly awful ones, which is my usual MO. :D

So anyhow, of course the top-rated Cybersix fic that's not a crossover focused on a bigger fandom is a happy ending fix-fic.

It's pretty decent, especially since it's one that openly admits that Cybersix is genderqueer and Lucas is bi. (These things are obvious in the show, but always subtext, never outright stated. But Cybersix goes around as a girl in her superhero persona, and as a guy in his mild-mannered teacher persona, and seems equally comfortable and at home in both roles, while Lucas asks Adrian, the teacher persona, out to see a romantic movie, which is *definitely* a date, and later kisses Cybersix, so it's not being super subtle.)

The fic I read still didn't quite perfectly scratch the itch for me, though. Ever since watching the show I've had a vague urge to do a happy ending fic of my own for it (I won't give spoilers, but though I actually very much love the ending it has, it's *not* a happy one, and my mushy romance-writer self just really wants to see Cybersix and Lucas together at the end, okay?) Now that I've read one, my muse basically went "Well that's lovely, but you'd do it differently, like this, and that, and the other," and next thing I know I have complete scenes for the whole thing bouncing around in my head.

So yeah, I'm writing for a fandom that makes Good Omens book fandom before the TV show look absolutely massive, is what I'm saying here.

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