October 19th, 2019


Untitled Celestia Game

I haven't posted much lately, I know. I have a thing about Nazis and kink I should probably cross-post at some point, but keeping an eye on the comments in one place is enough for now, so that'll happen later.

In writing news, though, I have a document open, with 320 words in it, titled "Untitled Celestia Game." I'm sure people can see where this is going.

I mean really, there's an obvious physical resemblance, and Celestia *is* a legendary prankster, so...


I started with the beer stein (in this case a teacup) in the canal goal, just because that was the first one I had an idea for, but my SO had an even better idea, so right now I'm writing a chapter for Rake in the Lake.

If you can guess the nature of the rake in this one, get a nerd point.

(Other goals I want to do: wear the ribbon, and something analogous to the bell in some way, but harassing either Twilight or Luna.)

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