November 1st, 2019


Trans bingo!

From over here. I've never done a bingo event, but I really want to write more stories with transgender characters, so hey, why not?

My card:
Moving In Together First haircut Pretending to be Married Navigating sex while trans Furniture
Huddle For Warmth Pets Questioning Pining Roommates
Dating while trans Identity Crisis FREE SPACE Relaxation Getting Physical: Touching,Hugging and Cuddling
Cuddles and Snuggles Pregnancy Buying Groceries It Wasn't Meant to Be Trauma
Watching Helplessly Board Games Drag queens and drag kings Redecorating Gender euphoria

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Trans bingo update.

Finished a story for "Watching Helplessly" in the corner square, so now I just have to decide if I'm going up, across, or diagonally. Up, I think? But maybe diagonally. This is kinda fun. :D

Said story is... er... Well, it's one there's a small audience for, as it's original fiction and darkly, sexually violent. But it is *not* one of those depressing trans violence stories. In fact it has what *I* consider to be a happy ending, even if at least one of the story's characters would definitely not agree with me about that.

Not sure when I'll post it, it needs some editing, and perhaps to sit a bit and then get edited again. It's very rough right now. I'll probably plop it out for the Patrons after the next couple of Goose Game chapters, which should be up on Patreon on Monday and on Fimfic/AO3 on Wednesday.

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