November 2nd, 2019


Not NaNo

Thought I should formally put down my November writing goals. I'm not going to do NaNo, but I do want to kick some writing out the door.

So, November goals:

Finish at *least* one chapter of Star Tiger. Preferably two.
Write at least a thousand words more on the next Ember's chapter. Maybe finish it?
Finish Untitled Celestia Fic (two more chapters needed.)
Get one bingo on the Trans bingo card. (Four more stories needed.)

The last one is the one I'm having the most fun with right now, but is also sorta the one I *should* be least concerned about. Ain't that the way it goes? :3

Altogether it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 12k words as a minimum. Probably will end up being more if I actually do it all. A reasonable goal for a month where I'm still recovering from a lot of stress and burnout.

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