November 9th, 2019


An almost perfect day.

Sometimes the stars just align and things fall exactly your way.

JJ is out of town. He's off doing brotherly bonding stuff until late Sunday. And Friday is my "day off" from the goober, so I was on my own. Knowing that in advance, I decided to make some plans. Nothing elaborate, but there are some things I can't really do with JJ, and of course many things I can't do with a three-year-old in tow.

One such thing is tasting menus. Restaurants that do them generally have a rule that the whole table has to participate. It's just logistics, really. You can't serve half the table a one course meal and the other half a multi-course meal and have things work out well for everyone. But that means I can't dine out with JJ and do it, because he won't do a tasting menu. He has a few food texture issues and enough outright "hate" things that "random chef's choice dishes" just isn't his jam. (He'd have liked 2, maybe 3 out of 5 of what I got this time, which is not great odds, so he's got a point.) Meanwhile I'll eat anything and I hate having to decide on just one thing, I want to try it all, so it's perfect for me.

So I went to a relatively new French place in town with the plan to do the tasting menu, have a few cocktails, and then walk downtown to attend the queer munch that was at a gay bar about six blocks away.

For some reason I'd thought that the munch started later than it did, so when I checked to get the address, I was startled to realize that the munch actually started right when I'd planned to have dinner! So I put myself together faster and went right out the door, with the thought that I might be late to the munch, but should still be able to catch a drink with everyone before it ended.

And that worked perfectly, because I was waiting at the jam-packed-on-a-Friday restaurant for approximately one minute before somebody left the bar and opened up a seat for me. So I got to walk right in without a reservation and sit down. Perfect!

Even better, I ended up seated next to a (very cute) teacher who was there by himself too, and was a friendly, social type, so we chatted for the whole time, and I didn't feel like a lonely sad sack eating by myself. (Sometimes going out alone feels that way, a bit. It's why I like to sit at the bar, you can often talk to the bartender and you might be next to somebody else chatty, which of course can't happen at a table for one.) Anyhow. That was great. And the food was amazing. I wish I had the budget to eat there all the time, omg. I mean, I'd be spherical, because even with small portions, 5 courses is a lot (and two cocktails!) and really the portions weren't teeny, they're probably the biggest tasting menu portions I've ever had. I was stuffed to the gills. It was way too expensive to do often, but compared to tasting menus elsewhere, honestly I'd call it a great deal. (I mean hell, you pay upwards of $100 a plate for the famous ones, and I don't know how much better than this they'd be.)

I could write pages and pages about the food, tbh. SO GOOD. Every single thing was amazing. Well, except the oyster, but that's me and oysters, not their fault.

I hadn't had oysters since I was a little kid, and I'd hated them then, but I'd been a kid and also they'd been tinned, so I've been wanting to try proper oysters, to see if I like them. I have a love-hate thing with clams, so maybe oysters? But no, not oysters. I mean, it wasn't hideous or anything, it was basically just a lot of nothing. Very little flavor, very little texture. I guess that's why people eat them whole, there's no point in chewing? :P But anyhow, the oyster was just a sort of side to the actual seafood course, which was scallop ceviche, which was AMAZING like everything else, so I didn't mind not liking the oyster.

So I finish up there, just about ready to pop and also kinda tipsy, (I don't have the tolerance I once did these days, and they didn't stint on the booze in the cocktails,) and start strolling down to the gay bar where the queer munch is. The one person I know there had said at the last minute that she couldn't come, so when I looked around and saw no familiar faces, I wasn't surprised. But there was a "group" definitely, and I figured that must be them. I asked "Are you the munch?" and somebody said "We sure are" so I sat down and introduced myself.

And about ten minutes later after some chatting, we mutually figure out that they're *not* the munch, the guy I'd asked misheard me, and I'd just sat down with a bunch of coworkers out for a drink. Oops!

Except this being a gay bar (or queer bar, maybe, it's not the gay-male dating scene thing, it's more a modern LGBT+ event venue, though I've only been to the bar part, not the theater part) they *were* all queer and mostly kinky too. They said they didn't mind at all, and I could stick around, so I did, and spent about two hours there just chatting. They were awesome. One of them was a brony, even. :D

Turns out the munch didn't end up happening at all, as the organizer was sick and the first person to arrive assumed it was an event run by the bar, (it's not) and when the bartender didn't know what she was talking about, she just left, so basically nobody ended up getting together there, everybody just came alone, saw there was no munch, and left. Except me. I had my "munch" anyway, just by accident.

So yeah. Arrived at a different time than planned, just in time to get a seat, by accident. Sat next to somebody awesome, by accident, met some new folks after that, by accident, just had a day when everything fell my way, totally by accident, not by plan, and it was lovely. (Before dinner it was nice, too. Had vegan chili for lunch, had a nice long nap, and got some work done! No writing, though. I let it slide for just one day.)

Today's going nicely too. (I got cake at Costco!) Here's hoping this serendipitous streak keeps up for a while!

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