November 11th, 2019



Finished the final chapter of Untitled Celestia Fic today. :D Rough draft has been hoofed over to my editor, and will be up on Patreon shortly and then Fimfic and AO3 after that, as usual.

Also sent what I think is final edits on 'Ware the Deep, a were-creature horror story due to be out soon as part of an upcoming furry horror anthology. So that'll be a second physical volume on my shelf. I'm curious about the other stories, too!

Patrons have read that one already, I believe, but obviously I didn't post it anywhere public, since I wanted to submit it for conventional publication instead.

Speaking further of Patrons, just as a note to self, I need to post a Blood and Fire chapter tomorrow...

I'm a little disorganized and irregular, but at least there's plenty of content, just not exactly on a perfect schedule.

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