November 19th, 2019


Hi muse, I see you're still nuts.

Had one of those "Went to bed at 10, got up at midnight because the idea was keeping me up and I might as well write it" nights. Haven't had that happen in a while. Words were just bouncing around in my head, in that way where there are specific turns of phrase that really do need to get into the story.

Basically, a Beauty and the Beast retelling idea I've had, that only had an idea for a middle, found a beginning. I need to bridge that to the middle, then write that, and then I guess find an ending.

It's, er, putting sort of Puritan Fundamentalists into quasi-medieval Europe, so it's probably not based on this planet at all, but you know, magically cursed princes (or not-princes, in this case) aren't much found on this planet either, so whatever.

It's also going to have some religionfeels (doing that a lot lately) and some genderqueer feels too. That's what finally sparked the idea, actually. I've seen retellings where Beauty just doesn't know she's beautiful, or was an ugly duckling and grows into it, but never one where she genuinely hates the name and doesn't *want* to be beautiful. I knew I had something as soon as I had that thought. She's going to have virtue-named sisters who *are* their virtues, making her even more the odd duck out, too. Lots of potential there.

The Beast, meanwhile, is I think not a prince, but a gardener, which I'm using to build in a bunch of interesting stuff about roses (and irises, my favorite flower), and also, you know, if I'm going to have a GQ transmasculine Beauty, why not also a GQ femme-boy Beast?

Anyhow, I spit out 1200 words of it in about half an hour and collapsed into sleep right after.

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