November 30th, 2019


Write Every Day December: Welcome!

I am hosting the Write Every Day challenge for the month of December. So welcome to the new folks following me for that.

For those of you who already follow me but don't know about it, Write Every Day is a low-pressure writing challenge, meant to help you get good writing habits. There is no word minimum and no topic requirements, you can write as much or as little as you like, on whatever subject you like. It is also not a "fail out" challenge, if you miss a day, you can totally check in on any of the following days.

I did it last month when [personal profile] silveradept was hosting, and missed five or six days at least, but I still think it helped.

I'll be posting once every day (at about this time, if I can) for folks to check in, and will keep a running tally so you can see how you're doing. You can feel free to tell me how many words you wrote and what about, or you can just say that you wrote.

Let's all get some things written in December!

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