December 2nd, 2019


All I want for Christmas is some pigment powder.

You can sing that to the tune of "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth." And it's less twee!

Over my lifetime I have thrown out so much acrylic paint. I have a habit of painting for a while, then going long periods, so the paints end up drying out and I have to toss them. Cheap-ass craft acrylics from my youth that had dried out. Better craft acrylics more recently. Fancy artist's acrylics I got for college classes that dried out completely, or the tubes broke, or they'd dried such that the little bit I could feel squishing in the bottom couldn't be reached because the top was dry. (I mean, I could have cut the tubes open and used them one last time, I guess, but what good is that?) A giant set of Reaper miniatures acrylics that were so damn nice as far as color saturation went, seriously, I loved how pigmented they were for how thin they were, but oh god being so thin meant they were constantly having a skin form on the bottle wall that then peeled loose and gummed up the dropper head and so you had to pry the bottle open and constantly fish clumps out of your brush while painting, aauuuuugh. And then they eventually totally dried out too, so into the trash they went.

I never want to buy another tube or jar or bottle of liquid acrylics again, guys.

But the thing is that I don't have to! Because pigment powders are a thing.

I got a huge set of pearlex powders years ago, when I was painting Windstone Editions PYO figures. (Those are epic, seriously, go google Windstone Editions PYO and look at them!) No drying out, because they're already dry. You just need a couple of jars (matte and gloss) of medium, and maybe a little flow release if you want to make thinner paints for things like doing miniatures. I'll never throw out paint again!

Except, of course, what I have right now is pearlex powders, i.e. mostly metallic and sparkly colors. (And ultra-fine glitter. And glow in the dark powder, which makes lousy paint quality because it's nearly a paste before it has any real coverage, but it's SO MUCH FUN.)

Meanwhile JJ, my partner, is buying himself a 3D printer for Christmas, and wants to print out gaming miniatures, which I've promised to paint for him. So I need matte colors, not metallics, or glows, or glitter.

Unfortunately I do not currently have the budget to buy a full set of artist's pigment powders. They run from around $5 to $45 per jar, depending on the brand and the pigment, and a "proper" set is at least eight jars, some of which need to be the expensive colors. (And oh god have I drooled over some of the nicer pigments. Schmincke, you are so good, but I cannot afford you, ever.)

I have, however, found a site that has tiny sampler packs. They're aimed at people doing DIY makeup, but that's actually great, because it means they have skin tone assortments meant for making foundation, and they're perfect for painting human miniatures. :3

So I'll be buying some little tiny samplers for myself, but I think my Christmas wish-list this year is pretty much everything here.

Or if I'm really dreaming, all of these. (Dreamy sigh.) These guys would be a-okay too. Someday!

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Write Every Day, December 2nd

Yesterday I did what I now know is called an alibi paragraph. :D

Today I have not yet written. My brain is being eaten by toddler stuff and life in general and I have no spoons, so I don't know if I will.

On which topic, I hosted this partly because I'd like to be a little more social, so I want to reply to everyone and talk about what people are writing and so on, but that takes energy and today I am so out, so I may not be responding to check-in comments unless you have a question for me or something of that sort. (I mean, don't worry about asking questions, responding to that isn't as spoon heavy as coming up with interesting things to say or asking my own questions about what folks are writing, you know?)

Anyhow, hope you are all having good luck so far. :3

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