December 4th, 2019


Write Every Day, December 4th

Today I have a to-do list that's massive. It's all teeny, tiny things, ("empty the dishwasher", etc.) but they do add up. I did write in some writing on the to-do list, and I got some done last night, so I can check myself in for yesterday. :3

My life runs on "the brain" the notebook where I keep my to-do lists and related notes, on post-its, and on phone alerts. Which is, btw, why I post these posts in what's to me late afternoon and is probably a weird time for most of you. I have a daily alarm labeled "post!" at 4:30pm, which is a good time to post on most sites if you care about traffic/view numbers, and helps me not do the dumb "Oops, I finished that weeks ago and thought I'd posted it, but forgot!" thing, which I used to do a lot. The alarm goes off, I mentally check if I'm meant to post anything anywhere, and then I do so.

Structure is useful! It's always interesting seeing other people's structuring and scheduling methods.

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