December 5th, 2019


Write Every Day, December 5th

I made egg noodles last night, and was amused to find that our kinda hippie "pasture raised" eggs came with a "this month's newsletter" insert which included a Bird of the Month, and an article about how to "holiday like a hen", among other things. Very silly, but I guess meant to reaffirm the hope one has when paying the premium for those sorts of eggs, that the animals really are living good lives. (We actually get eggs from a friend most of the time, so like, we could go meet the chickens, they're definitely doing fine, but that happens at the whim of the birds and said friend's own egg useage, so sometimes we have to buy.)

Can you imagine being the person whose job it is to write an chicken-themed monthly newsletter? :D

I wrote an alibi paragraph yesterday, on Star Tiger, my patreon commission, but today I've already written a few hundred words because I was reminded that I also need to do the Jingleclop MLP porn exchange. I'd forgotten about signing up, but the assignment in my inbox was a bit of a reminder. Amusingly, their requested fetish was realistic pregnancy. Given I've *been* pregnant, I figure I can deliver!

How are you all doing with your writing today?

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