December 6th, 2019


Write Every Day, December 6th

Today is my "day off", which means my toddler is off at grandma's all day, and I can get stuff done.

Alas I must prioritize my sewing, which pays better than my writing does still, though I do at least make money on the writing these days, which is more than I used to be able to say! It ain't much, but it's beer money.

On which subject I'm a cider in, so I definitely need to find some time to write smut. I find sex scenes are a little easier for me when I have that nudge towards lowered inhibitions. It's not that I find writing sex shamefull, I just find it awkward and never know if what I'm doing is actually hot, so mild inebriation helps me to not think myself out of it.

Whatever works, right? What's working (or not working) for you fine folks today?

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Further adventures in pigment.

They came today!

The thermocolors even came in little jars rather than baggies, and had a set of (baggied) neon colors as an extra freebie. Very thrilled at that.

The mini samples were all in baggies, and I've transferred the ones I feel I'm most likely to use into my own jars. I'm out of tiny jars now, gotta buy more. (Also, Red #7 is a *bitch*. Sorry not sorry. It stains everything, and it's actually magenta, not red.)

The actual purpose of this journal, though, is mostly as a note to self. I've obviously got to go ahead and spring for some cadmium red. Toxic yes, not-really-red-and-stains no. Also I still need white and black! And probably green, I got some nice chromium green, but the pigment seems to have partially bonded to the baggie and I couldn't get it all out, and since it was such a teensy sample, that means I don't have much.

Chromium red.
Titantium white.
Any black.
Any green.
Maybe another blue? One I have is a cyan, could use more of a prussian or a cobalt.

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