December 8th, 2019


Write Every Day, December 8th

The brainweasels have been at it again (I posted more about that in a locked entry, so I don't bother all you folks who are just here to enjoy the writing.) Holidays are sometimes so hard, especially when you have a difficult relationship with your family.

But the holidays are also sometimes so great! I'm making slow but steady progress on my Jingleclop swap fic. Giving the gift of porn for Christmas! I also spent some time with my kid, decorating our Christmas tree. The ornaments are mostly ones I had as a child. That's partly because I'm not a super Christmasy person, I'm more interested in Solstice, so I have never bought ornaments as an adult, but it's still pleasantly nostalgic to get them all out of their boxes and hang them up. JJ also put up his childhood ornaments, which actually he's still getting as an adult, because he collects the Star Trek ship ornaments, most of which light up and have sound effects. They're very fun!

How's everyone doing on the writing?

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