January 2nd, 2020


Things I finished writing in 2019

Feeling a little better today, and decided I can manage at least one end of year retrospective. I have written a lot this year, though less than in some other years. Some of that writing has been towards things that remain unfinished, and thus unpublished, but some of it has been on completed stories/chapters/scenes. Here they are:

On Patreon (Most of my Patreon posts were simply posting the things below early so my patrons could get first view. There were 76 stories/chapters posted to Patreon this year, of those the following were published only there. Well, okay, Slave Kitten was published on Fetlife too, but I'm not linking there direct from here.)
Blood and Fire (chapters 1-12)
Beloved, Betrothed (scene)
A House Divided (scene)
Existential Coffee
The Only Chance Inn
Dare To Go A Hunting (The Elf, The Prince, and the White Dove part 1)
The Elf, The Prince, and the White Dove (scene)
A Good Drink
Slave Kitten
Dragonpire (working title, lol)

At JMS Books
The Sacrifice
Three of Hearts

On AO3 (This is not counting my uploading all my old MLP stories there, only entirely new works.)
Experience (Heralds of Valdemar)
Less Than (Legend of Zelda)
Surrender - Say My Name (Thor Ragnarok)
One Plus One Equals Infinity (Legend of Zelda)
Infinity Times Two (Legend of Zelda)
Love and Other Forms of Madness (Legend of Zelda)
The Path of Hate (Star Wars Original Trilogy)
Building Power (Thor Movies AU)
The Same Coin (Zelazny's Amber)
While the Nightingale Sang Unheard (Good Omens)
All Creatures Great and Small (Good Omens)
The Pleasures of the Flesh (Good Omens)
In Your Eyes (Good Omens)
Vertigo (Good Omens)
Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind (Good Omens)
Kiss Against the Wall (Original, vaguely LoZ derived)
Private Place (Good Omens)
Falling Moon (MLP)
Apex (MLP)
Anticipation (MLP)
Angel's Grace Loosed and Black Starfire Bound (Good Omens)
Black Sepia (Good Omens)
On The Black God's Altar (The Sacrifice)
Our Love Will Conquer Fear (Cybersix)
Untitled Celestia Fic (MLP/Untitled Goose Game)

On r/HFY
Saber-toothed Licker
Pet the Kitty
Callahan's Alien Cafe
To Study War No More
The Mad Ones
The Galaxy's Smallest Rampage

I also posted some things to FimFiction and Furaffinity, but none of those were unique posts, they were all duplicated elsewhere. Though I guess a couple of chapters of Ember's were added to Fimfic this year that I haven't crossposted to AO3 yet, I've been really neglecting that and other Ember's-related projects lately. :P

It felt like this year wasn't a particularly good year for writing, but I guess it was!

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