January 8th, 2020


The key to keeping your New Year's resolutions...

...is to make easy resolutions.

It's the 8th! I'm not dead! I haven't thrown the goober child out a window! She is in school right this very minute! I get six whole hours away from her every week for the next several months. Wheeeeee!

So in the two hours of today's chunk I have left, I plan to write more, and also sew a little. (And maybe come up with a real title for this current story. Working title is Lord Librarian, but it's not a great title.)

Also, we're trying to do potty training. God helps us all. >.< She *has* to be trained by September next year, though! Knowing her and her resistance to change, I figure I probably should have started already. Sigh. Today's plan is almost certainly going to get me peed on, but it's gotta be done.

So that's my actual resolution. Get the kiddo at least mostly peeing in the potty during daytime hours before kindergarten.

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