January 10th, 2020


Writing news

Gilded Pages (which is what Lord Librarian has turned into. Much better title!) is provisionally finished. It's a pretty rough rough draft, the two halves need some work to meld, and I'm honestly not sure if I should package it as books one and two, or as a single tale. There are two entirely distinct arcs here, but they immediately follow, so... Dunno.

I have also finally compiled a fairly complete list of stuff I can post as regular and/or bonus content to Patreon. I've been piling up dribs and drabs all over, but having them in one place helps.

Further things I need to do, on the writing front:
Finish another Star Tiger chapter.
Finish another Ember's chapter.
Finally drop a line to a couple of customers about potential commissions. I don't like to take more than two at once, as writing is more prone to the whims of the muse than sewing is, but I've had several people express interest and one in particular I definitely need to get back to.
Work more on the trans bingo challenge. I still have just two finished stories for that. I need to get some better ideas. The prompts just aren't sparking it for me right now. I *know* I want to do a Good Omens one, and a Zelda one... Dunno, I'm sure I'll come up with something eventually.

Think that about covers it for current writing goals, though of course it doesn't go into the literally dozens and dozens (as in well over 50, possibly closer to 100) of stories I've begun and never finished, nearly all of which I do intend to finish someday. It's a method that's sometimes crazy-making, but it also works! It's very random, and some will probably never get done, but there's nothing like getting sudden inspiration, adding another couple thousand words, and finishing a project that's been waiting for years in just a couple of hours.

In fact I had that happen last night, only even moreso, because I wrote I think 50 words, and it was done. It's a story I'd totally forgotten too, a small bit of "very much my favorite kinks" AU self-insert smut that I'd definitely written while in *that* kind of mood and then forgotten about once the story's climax (and probably mine, to be TMI at you all) was done with. Re-discovered it today, added an actual few lines of winding down, and slapped it up on Patreon. :3 It's MLP, so it'll be up on FimFiction and AO3 sometime next week! If you happen to like ponies, human-on-pony, vampires, bisexual group sex, or rough sex/sexual domination, you might like it!

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