January 11th, 2020



It is really frustrating, stressful, and just a big ball of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that if I want to actually do something besides sit on my writing, I must engage in many, many, many things that I am SHIT at. I'm good, or at least competent at the writing. I suck balls at self-pub, querying, formatting, editing, self-promotion, and pretty much everything else.

Can't somebody just magically take the stories, fix them up, publish them, and send me a cut of the money? Oh right, that's called a publisher, and the one I have doesn't fucking do half of that, I still have to do a lot of it!!!!!!

A partial solution to this would be to get an agent, in hopes of the agent getting me into a publisher that does things like advertise, or at least write cover blurbs, but guess what that requires?????????

Fucking querying, just for starters.


I hate everything.

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