January 13th, 2020


Doing things I am bad at.

So I figured I'd be at least mildly proactive about my frustrations with book marketing and how awful I am at it.

I did two things, once was look up romance writer's associations. That went...interesting places, let's say. >.< Turns out that the Romance Writers of America is in the middle of having a spectacular racist meltdown. So, uh, backburner that idea, I guess.

The other was see about getting my book on some local shelves. I did a ton of calling, e-mailing, and even driving out to stores this morning. I hate that kind of thing, I'm not good at it. I'm basically socially competent, and I have some practice with doing sales stuff, but always in the context of customers approaching me. Me shilling to "bigger" sellers is new, uncomfortable, and awkward territory, and that always puts me on edge. But I buckled down and did it anyway.

I got "We don't carry romance novels" from several places (at least once with a tone of shock like the guy couldn't believe I'd asked) and one "cool but we're overbooked on local authors" which makes me headtilt and go...what? But that was from a bookstore that ran a kickstarter to stay in business, so they obviously have an...interesting business model, I guess.

But one reply was positive and encouraging, though the person I spoke to isn't the one who makes the decisions, but she gave me that person's direct contact info, and said she'd put in a good word too, so I'm hopeful there.

Still waiting to hear back from several others.

Wish me luck, I guess.

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