January 16th, 2020


Baby Shark has betrayed you.

Just an observation that passes through my brain now and then, when parents on the internet start talking.

Everybody seems to have all organic, screen-time-free, breastfed, and generally ideally raised children. They will all shake their heads and say things about the awfulness of parents who "let youtube babysit their children".

Then somebody brings up Baby Shark, and the groans echo. They're so sick of it, OMG its stuck in their head, their toddler won't stop singing it, it's the *worst*.

It's from Youtube. (Or certain tablet/phone apps.) You know, those things that all you perfect parents never let your children touch, ever. How do so many of you know what it is? How are so many of you afflicted with it all day, every day?

Sure, those of you who have older kids may know it as a meme, as something the kids learned at camp, or as something the kids sing to be obnoxious, but that's not most of the comments you're making. Mostly your comments imply that the Pink Fong version is being actually played repeatedly in your actual house and your pre-school age kids know it.

So suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure, none of you would ever, ever, ever in a million years do something so awful as to let your kids watch youtube. Sure.

(P.S. The culture that shames parents so hard for not being perfect that every single one of them lies through their teeth about how they're actually raising their kids is complete and utter bullshit that I get pretty mad about sometimes. But the Baby Shark observation always makes me chuckle just a bit all the same.)

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