January 25th, 2020


Don't need to start a new story, did anyway.

Another queer romance, this time with a trans protagonist. :3 Feeling good about it. It'll be at least a novella, maybe fully novel length. I have one of those outlines that has the plot ups and downs with no real content? Like "here's a dynamic flip where the powerless poor kid manages to end up somehow saving the powerful love interest" "Here's a quiet moment where they bond over something" "The protagonist should see the villain here, to establish the villain exists." I don't plan all my stories that way, but as I further understand plot structure, it happens more and more often.

It's set in a sort of vaguely Victorian England fantasy setting I use a bunch (well, sometimes it's more vaguely renaissance, and I have plans for it to be vaguely present day eventually, even.)

I'm sure it'll end up on the shelf with everything else unfinished, but I haul those out and work on them regularly, and so they're not stagnant.

I'm really enjoying it so far. I've finished the part where I introduce characters, get the macguffin that has the protagonist and love interest stuck with one another, and a little bit of the "learning to live together" stuff, and it's 12k words.

Working title is Heart to Heart.

Other things of interest: The love interest is sorta Sorcerer Sherlock Holmes. The villain is Crazy Crow Lady Moriarty. Our Hero is of course your average young man with a wild mage talent who will come of age all Harry Potter style, and although transness is central early on, tbh it's going to stop making much difference other than tangentially as related to the romance aspect pretty fast. :3

That's all the writing news I have just now. I know I have a lot of things I need to be putting energy into, but honestly I'm kinda in survival mode. I have plans for February, I want to do Write Every Day again and just grind out some Patreon words, but right now I don't have the spoons for it at all.

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