January 26th, 2020


A small bit.

“I’ll put out the lights, then.” Lachlan merely looked at the lamp, and it snuffed itself neatly out. The drapes were still drawn, and it was well past sundown outside, so only the faintest scrap of city light leaked in from without. Theon waited for his eyes to adjust, and heard as much as saw that Lachlan was climbing into bed.

Theon’s eyes adjusted enough to see the bed, and Lachlan a dim, shadowy lump in it, on the far side, where the books had been. Theon gingerly climbed in too. He put his head on the pillow and pulled the coverlet up.

“Goodnight,” said Lachlan in the darkness.

“Goodnight,” answered Theon, and closed his eyes.

He was instantly conscious of the scent surrounding him. What had been the faintest possible wisp before was much more distinct now that he was lying where Lachlan had been sleeping. It wasn’t unpleasant at all. In fact anything but. Theon caught himself taking a deep breath of the warm musk, and flushed once more. Goddess, what was wrong with him tonight? He was sharing a bed just as he had with his siblings, and there was as much of sex or sexuality now as there had been then. His mind should not be providing him with images of how Lachlan’s shirtless chest had looked, or with thoughts of how it would feel to slide over and press close to him. He should definitely not be thinking of how good Lachlan smelled, or of what it might be like to be with somebody who seemed so careful of his feelings, and might not merely seek his own pleasure.

Theon clenched his teeth and tried to push all of that out of his mind. He was sleeping, that was all. Just sleeping.

Or, I've gotten these two enormous dorks into bed almost immediately, but no shenanigans for simply ages and ages.

Also, I hope the real Lachlan I know doesn't mind me borrowing his name for a romance novel's love interest, but I wanted something that felt equivalent to Sherlock in both its real-name-ness, and its alien-to-Americans-ness. The real Lachlan is even taller than the fictional one, and just as interesting, but other than "tall and interesting" they don't have anything at all in common.

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