January 28th, 2020


Working on a different story.

Because I have the attention span and focus of a hummingbird on meth, I'm now working on an entirely different story than I was yesterday!

Not a new one, though, picking up one I started last year. It's a HFY story (Humanity Fuck Yeah, a weird little sci-fi niche about humans being super bad-asses) that pokes at the tropes and turns some of them on their heads. The main characters in most HFY stories are military people, or rough tough space truckers who drink in alien dive bars, etc. This guy is a hippie, vegetarian, pacifist, and also a skinny little trans man, abducted from Earth and stranded out in a big wide galaxy...where the only humans anybody knows are the soliders, space truckers, and other violent types, and where Earth itself is strictly quarantined as a dangerous Hellworld. So of course all the aliens are terrified of the monstrously dangerous hellworlder humans.

Our hero swiftly gets very, very, very, very fed up at all the aliens flinching when he so much as sneezes.

But of course eventually he's going to end up backed into a corner, and though he wouldn't hurt a fly for his own sake, when he gets attached to some vulnerable aliens who are in danger, well...

:3 It's going really well so far. 15k words, and I've gotten through all the setup and into the bit where he starts slowly making a few friends among some of the bolder aliens, which of course will eventually lead to the story's dramatic climax.

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