February 23rd, 2020


We didn't start the fire.

I am home! I feel like I have spent half my life on planes, waiting in airports, and waiting in doctor's offices/hospital rooms lately. Holy shit. But assuming that I don't get dire news Thursday (ohgod, please let there be no dire news Thursday) the dumpster fire that's been my life lately has been extinguished, and I can get back to the business of actually getting shit done.

On which front, I need to post some Patreon stuff. So, to post this week:

Bears in the Woods (for all patrons)
A Dragon's Blood Chapter? (check when I last posted one.)
A Gilded Page scene for the $5 bonus thing
A TETPATWD story maybe for the $10 bonus peeps? I should go double check who those folks are right now and maybe ask them.

Should also post Green and Red to AO3 this week. Who wants some transmasculine monster horror? :D (I got the prompt "Helplessly Watching" and was like "But I don't want to write a story about awful shit happening to trans characters, noooooooo." Then I remembered a note in my ideas file about a transmasculine monster, and went "Ooo, so what if the trans character is the one doing the awful shit? Mwa ha ha ha!") It's very fun, for a given value of fun.

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