February 25th, 2020


Adding insult to injury

The goober is sick. Mild flu, looks like. Fever, cough, snotty nose, occasional vomiting. Several times on me. Yesterday was pretty dire, today is a bit better, she was sick this morning, but later kept down some pedialyte and some saltines and later asked for a little chocolate milk and has kept that down so far too.

I'm just... gah. Can't send her to school like this, so there goes my "day off" time, and I'm ont sure WTF to do if she's still sick on Thursday. I have a doctor's appointment that's kinda fucking important! But fobbing off a sick toddler on my elderly mother in law who really shouldn't be exposed is bad? I don't know. :(

Can I please catch a break? Pretty please?

Did write today, though. Somehow I wrote 5.5k on Blood and Fire, the novel I did for NaNo in 2018, which hit 50k words in like two weeks and then got really stuck. It's gone in weird lurches since then, advancing in chunks and then getting stuck again. It was really fucking stuck for the last like...nearly a year? I knew this whole deal with the evil twin thing needed to start going down, but transitioning from the fluffy m-preg plotline I'd wrapped up the last chapter on back to the action and drama took some doing.

But once I got over that transition, I suddenly had *all* the ideas for how the action would play out, so I'm well into that part now. I just did something *awful* to one main character, and I'm about to do a different but equally awful to the other. Poor guys. I am sometimes super sadistic to my characters, mwa ha haha!

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