April 1st, 2020


I left the house today.

Other than walks around the neighborhood, the last time I went out the door was a little over two weeks ago, when I went to my mother in law's and left the goober there for an hour so I could get therapy'd uninterrupted. (Which didn't happen this week, I had to lock myself in a room and ask JJ to take time from work-at-home to deal with the kid melting down about that. Bleh.)

My last trip where I went somewhere I might encounter somebody outside my bubble was grocery shopping nearly three weeks ago, I think?

Today's trip out wasn't strictly necessary, but I'd finally had enough of being inside, and my therapy visit yesterday we discussed things I could do to have something in my life that was a.) not just sitting on my duff, and b.) something I could feel in control of, unlike the course of the nation and my idiot relatives. We landed on my picking up piano again, and doing some indoor herb sprouting to later put outside, both of which are goober friendly too.

So I went and bought seeds and dirt. I looked at little seed planters, but none of them fit the windowsill, they were all too deep, so I'm just using an egg carton. The home improvement store was being *way* diligent about social distancing, they actually had a setup where not only could I stay six feet away from fellow customers, I could stay six feet away from the cashier *and* they had plastic sneeze guards. Somebody thought it through fairly well, it seemed like. It still felt weirdly scary. I didn't touch anything I didn't buy, but still...

Got catnip, majoram, sage, and parsley. I already have rosemary and thyme, and I've given up on growing basil, it's way easier to get at the farmer's market, though God only knows if that will happen at all this year. :( Hopefully, but it's supposed to start in two weeks, and let's say that's not looking likely.

But yeah, gonna plant herbs!

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