April 2nd, 2020


We are getting a farm share!

Under normal circumstances we hit up the farmer's market basically every week it's open, but although they say they're opening as scheduled in a little less than two weeks, I don't really trust that they'll manage business as usual. Business as usual is jammed with people, and even if crowds are now much less, I just don't trust people to keep their goddamn six feet.

So we'll probably be skipping it for at least the next couple of months.

But how, then, do I get delicious produce? And how do I support our favorite farm, where we usually buy far too many strawberries every year? Well, I was looking them up to see if there were other options, and saw that they had a "Community Supported Agriculture" section on their website. Aka a farm share, aka a box of random produce every week. Or in this case every other week, since with just three of us, one with some food issues and one being four, there's no way we could eat a box every week.

I'm honestly pretty excited. It'll be an excuse to cook more veggie-centered meals, and have salads more often, both things I kinda want to do, but getting the motivation to is hard when pasta is so easy... This should help, since it cuts out the entire "shopping" step. :3

It was kinda spendy, it ended up being $33.75 per box, but then again that's about $17 a week, which feels high but not crazy for a produce budget. There's weeks I've spent that much, certainly, just not consistently.

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