April 7th, 2020


Still not productive

But I gardened a little? Weeded most of a tomato bed, which was nearly a lawn it had so much grass. Prairie? It wasn't mowed. We don't mow the back yard. It's partly laziness, but also a little bit deep enjoyment of the *great* micro ecosystem we've got back there. It's all invertebrates, since we've never gotten around to the bird feeder idea, but it's seriously alive in the way a mowed lawn just isn't, and it's pretty nice. We do mow the front to a bare minimum standard, just to not look like a total wreck, but the back is three raised beds, and then the rest just runs wild, with grass, native plants, and the remnants of some flowers some past owner planted. And also onions, for some weird reason. Dunno what's up with that! I guess there was a non-raised, non-edged garden at some point or something?

We also have the neighbor on one side refusing to deal with the remnants of a past blackberry hedge where it's behind an apple tree from their point of view, so we have to trim back attempts at those taking over, and the neighbor on the other side has honeysuckle, which has kinda eaten the area around the fence between us and which I probably should fight too?

It's a quite small yard, but it's got some things going on. :D

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