May 4th, 2020



Despite all the goober child could do to interrupt the zoom meeting, I am now officially a Unitarian Universalist. Or as official as I can be in these times. I have not done the ceremonial Book of Names Signing thing, because we're not doing in-person ceremonies. But I have paid my "offering" and my name is on the mailing list. :D

And like everything else about the UU, it's refreshingly different from the Mormon way. For one thing, there's no "sorry, if it's not 10% of your gross, it doesn't count", it's "we know not everyone has money, we can waive the offering if need be, but if you can, give what you have to give." I'll admit to giving only a token amount, because good god is my financial situation bad right now. (Not covid, or not directly, other things, but bleh.)

So yeah. New thing. It feels good. This entry was originally posted at