May 5th, 2020


Cats *facepalm*

We currently have two cats. Kali we've had for fourteen years now. She is 17, and has been a grouchy old lady cat since she was about six. :D She's in great shape, you'd never know she was an "elder" cat except that she's missing some teeth.

Ged is a massive chonk cat. He'd be huge even if he wasn't fat, when we first got him and he was an emaciated stray he still weighed three pounds more than Kali, and he's like twice her length? He's a big boy. And he's obsessed with food. See the "emaciated stray" thing for all you need to know about that.

We had always just free-fed our cats, but after getting Ged, that had to stop. He got so fat he was peeing himself, and so it was diet time. Ged currently gets a metered portion of kibble three times a day, dispensed by an automatic feeding machine, so there's no conning a second dinner out of the other human or anything like that.

Feeding Kali is more of a challenge, though, because of course Ged will run her off her food and eat it on top of his own. So she eats in a big tub with two holes just big enough for her to squeeze inside cut in it.

This morning I happened to be downstairs when the feeder dispensed. Normally Ged comes galumphing down at the sound, but he didn't. Kali wandered over and started nibbling on Ged's food, and I'm all "the fuck?" Then I realized that the only thing that would keep Ged away from food is other food, and sure enough, when I got upstairs he had managed to get a paw in and hook the food bowl over to one of the holes in Kali's food tub, and had his head stuck in and was eating her food. While she was downstairs eating his.

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