May 6th, 2020


It's a secret to everyone.

I promised not to tell anyone, but I think that doesn't apply to the blog, they just don't want a customer riot. :D

Anyway, after discussing the farm box situation with the farm folks, it turns out that they're sending their e-mails at a normal daytime sort of time, but some hiccup to do with how their mail sender handles trying to send out a few hundred e-mails all at once is making some people get theirs much, much later. Which of course unfairly handicaps those people in trying to get a farm box! I expressed a non-accusatory disappointment in missing the box two weeks running after voluntarily skipping a week, and a sadness that I might miss the next week as well, and did they have any suggestions about how to make this more fair?

And the farm person was all, "Hey, you buy a lot of stuff, and you're being very nice about this, I'm just going to put you down for the next box. We don't do that, don't tell anybody, but consider one yours."


This problem will go away when the regular "season" starts in June and I just automatically get my box, but it is good to have at one guaranteed box in May!

I also feel this points out the value of being a.) an actual regular when you complain (so many people in stories about irate customer complaints involve people who claim "I shop here all the time!" when they really don't) but more importantly, b.) really polite about your complaint, and asking what they can do, rather than making demands. :3

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