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Well, yesterday I really should have gotten all my homework done, but instead I ended up shopping with Garbriel, one of the DDR gang I met last week. We mostly just fooled around, went to Hot Topic and all the other odd, fun, and cool stores. But we ended up at Ross Dress for Less, and though sometimes there's nothing there worth getting, I hit the jackpot. Found a fun pair of courduroy pants, a plain black button up shirt, and... (hee!) a whole outfit in black velevet, pants, top, and a dress coat thing too. I looooove velvet, and lately I've just been in a mood to wear black. I'm wearing the black velevet outfit right now. Mmmm.... Now all I need are some shoes to go with it. My tennies look odd, but the boots aren't quite right either. Hmm... more shopping, he he he.
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