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More photos!

Let me out! Anthony attempts to escape. All snakes are escape artists, but even if the lid could come off, at the moment Tony is too short to reach, at least from the ground.

He is longer than he looks! Curled up you'd swear he was just a foot long or so. That's a 20" tank, and he takes up 16 or 17 inches of it. He keeps knocking over his leaves, I need to glue them to the log, or something.

When I brought Anthony in, Kali was sitting on my desk. She didn't notice my putting him in the tank. A few minutes later, after I'd set her on my lap so I could see the screen, she noticed something in there. She watched the tank with fascination, her ears pricked. She scooted further forward and put out a paw towards the glass... then Anthony moved, and every hair on her tail and spine stood on end and she fell off my lap! This was taken a few minutes later. Aapparantly what they say about feline curiosity is true, because she kept standing up like this to look at the snake, even though she was obviously twitchy and flinched and retreated every time he moved.

And here's three of my four critters, cat, snake, and jackal. (Tari is utterly indifferent to the snake.) You can see how bushy Kali's tail is here! At one point not long after this she got up the courage to go up to the tank. She inched closer and closer, until she was finally able to put one paw right on the tank. Then she whapped the glass and ran for it. Brat! Fortunately Anthony didn't seen to care, he didn't even move when Kali banged her paw right next to his head.

He's done "pet rocking" for the moment and is cruising around some more, exploring and trying to get away. He's found the water dish now and is going around the rim of it. Hasn't gone in yet, but it's plenty humid in there, so he doesn't need to soak.
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