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So on a certain ball python forum, I was told that ball pythons do not make good display snakes.

I have just now also been told that you should not handle them.

So I just have to ask... if they're not for looking at, and they're not for holding, what, exactly, are they for?

(And come on... yes I know that it's going to hide a lot. So? This does not make it a bad display snake. Ever been to the zoo? How many of the animals there do you catch a glimpse of the end of their tail poking out and that's all? Hiding does not invalidate its being on display. You just have to peek in and see its head in the little hole there, is all. Likewise on the handling. So I shouldn't have it out constantly, so? Holding it every now and then is fine! I haven't taken him out to hold him since I got him, I know better than to make him nervous and insecure by handling too much. Sheesh. I've pretty much given up on that forum. It's the place where one grown man called another "dingleberry" so I already knew it was immature, but if everybody just assumes any new person is a total idiot, it's really not my kind of place to go. They could at least give me the benefit of the doubt, rather than assuming I haven't done any reasearch and don't know what I'm doing.)
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