SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
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Public Service Announcement

90% of the fursuits I make are NOT designed by me. I make them according to my customer's designs. So would people please stop telling me how to improve my designs? They're not mine! I can't change them! I just do what I'm paid to do, okay? If you want to critique my design work, you can comment on my personal suits, but anything I've made for a customer, it is not my fault if it's a design monstrosity.

P.S. Okay, there is one non personal suit that I designed. Loooooooooong long ago I made a red dragon suit for a customer who said "I want a dragon, with red, grey, smoke and fire-ish things, make up something." Someday, someday it will happen again. Someday, and that day will be a happy day.
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