SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon


Sage Rainbow Thunderwing was an outcast from all the other mammoths, because he studied magic, which is strictly forbidding among mammoth tribes. He lived all alone, and he learned everything about everything, and became very wise. But he was also sad and lonely, even though he was all wise and knew everything, because of being an outcast. Then one day the tribe's cheif's daughter got really sick, and nothing could cure her, and her very brave little sister went out into the wilderness and found Rainbow Thunderwing and he came and cured the cheif's daughter, and so the tribe welcomed him back, and now the cheif's daughter loves him, and so he is going to marry her and be cheif someday, so now he's wise and magical and powerful and special and everything. The rings on his tusks are each a different color, and each color relates to a kind of magic he learned. The spiral charm that's strung between them is very important and powerful and he used it when he cured the cheif's daughter. The spiral tattoo on his shoulder is also powerful, and is a sign that he is a sage and knows everything. The stripes down his back are special markings that he was born with, which no other mammoth has. Also the wings are magic, and he can summon them to give him extra angelic power when he's doing a spell. But he can't fly with them, that would just be silly!

(I'm going to laugh myself to death if I keep these up. OMG they keep getting worse!)
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