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The sparklethings continue to come! I went with JJ to watch the BCS championship game tonight, which was pretty fun, and I also drew sparklethings.

First, by request, a sparklenematode.

Bright Star the Drakewyrm is the only known half nematode half dragon, proving that the commonly held theory about dragons being able to crossbreed with anything is entirely true. He is a giant nematode, of course, and is very deadly, because he can breathe fire and can also constrict you just like a snake. He can also fly, and use magic, which is how he sees without having eyes.

If worms can sparkle, why not vegetables? (I tried fruit, but the pear I attempted as an homage to Ursula Vernon failed utterly, it was scary and not in a good way.)

Darkstalk Rabbitsbane is the fiercest of his race. His people are called Daucuns, and are NOT carrots! They're intelligent aliens that happen to look kind of like carrots, but they are super-intelligent and way more advanced than humans. They are normally really peaceful, having moved beyond the need for war, and they also don't need governments, or money, or any of the other primitive social norms that humans have. They subsist on sunlight, because their tops, or hair, has cholorophyll in it, and they also meditate and draw energy from the curvature of space. Unfortunately some of them are no long as peaceful, since an intelligent race of genetically modified rabbits created by evil humans have started preying on them, forcing them to fight back. While most of them remain pacifists there is a group of heroic defenders who fight off the rabbits, keeping the rest of the Daucuns safe. They have epic space battles, and sometimes fight on planets as well. Darkstalk got his eye scar in such a battle, but he killed the rabbit that attacked him. He wears its claw on his collar as a reminder of his victory, and to frighten any other rabbits he might encounter.

And finally, the crowning glory of my art!

Sweetheart Sparklefluff is a Mystic Leech. They are very, very rare and special creatures, much bigger than ordinary leeches, and much more intelligent. In fact they're every bit as intelligent as humans, and Sweetheart is their leader, so she is extra smart and special. Mystic Leeches don't drink blood, they are actually anti-leeches, instead of sucking out blood they breathe out clouds of mystic power, which can restore energy or even heal wounds. They live entirely on good energy put out by living creatures, but they don't hurt anybody to get it, they just pull the extra good energy that everybody is always sending out into the air when they feel happy. They love to make people happy, and cure people from depression, and do all kinds of good and nice things, because they are good and nice, and because it makes more good energy for them to live on. Sweetheart's belly is rainbow striped, and the flame markings down her back are blue, and glow when she is absorbing energy.
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