SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

Money, money, money, skies are sunny, in a rich man's world.

So the fellow who was going to hook me up with a booth at a haunted house hasn't replied to the last three e-mails I sent him. This kinda makes me think that he's not going to come through. So I'm starting to sell off a few of the ear and tail sets I made in anticipation of that deal. I'm experimenting a bit with e-bay vs. furbid. They each have their benefits, but I want to see how well the differnt things do. So, two e-bay auctions, one furbid. I know there are too many variables for it to be a proper experiment, but still... <-- Small, kid size coyote, dog, wolf, canine thing set. <-- big fluffy fox set. <-- huge fat husky/wolf set.

Other tail and ear sets that I've started for this, which will be appearing here eventually: two small grey wolves, one small brown wolf, one huge black cat, one small white fox/wolf, one small black fox/wolf, one small fluffy fox, one small white unicorn, one small black lion. If anybody wants to take any of those off of my hands, I could finish them zip-fast for ya. And yeah, I know they're mostly the little ones. I was planning on selling 'em around here, where family is big and everyone has tons of kids. This is Utah, after all. Kids stuff does well.
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