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SPark, the Purple Dragon

Art contest winners!

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered. I am really very grateful for all this awesome art! It was a lot harder than I had thought it would be to pick the winners, there were so many good entries.

Below the cut you'll find every single entry to this contest. Click the thumbnails to see a full-sized image or to be taken to a FA/DA entry where you can favorite or comment on these wonderful artworks. (If there are any I've linked to that have a FA/DA entry, and the link doesn't go there, just comment, I'll fix it.) Entries are in no particular order. Winners are at the end. XD

Flame Song, by ASCII Skull

A special honorable mention to ASCII for "probably would have won this thing if only he'd actually finished and entered it." ASCII didn't officially enter, but he did show me this preview of what he was working on, and it's pretty dang awesome.

Flame Song and child by Honeyhuskymoo

She gets special mention both as the first to send me an entry (huzzah!) and as quite possibly the cutest entry I got. I mean look at that! D'aaaaw! Flipping adorable. She also gets a very special thank-you for mailing me the original! I have it right here in my hand, and it is even cuter in person. Thank you so VERY much!

"Splash!" by DatKatzuu

This one gets bonus points for being a very nice action shot. That's part of why I picked the theme I did, because I really appreciate pictures where the characters aren't just standing there. Thank you DatKatzuu!

Flame Song by Ashley English

This is another one that gets points for being cute. Flame is looking particularly cuddly here, and I really enjoyed getting this piece. The pose is really very nicely executed too! A lot of curled up cats end up looking a little off, but this one looks quite excellent. Thanks very much!

"Chasing the Light" by HellFiresFury

This is one of the best action shots I got, and I really like it! (Did I mention that judging these was HARD? It was!) The sense of motion is great, the expressions are terrific, and it's obvious that a lot of effort went into the piece. Thank you!

Flame Song Firedancer by Juska

As far as action shots go,the pose here is really awesome. It's active, the drawing itself is great, the colors are great, her outfit is cute, what's not to love? And taking her name literally and making her an actual fire-dancer is an idea I really liked! Thanks so much!

Flame Song in a Kimono by Acton

If I were giving prizes for most interesting costume design, this one might have won. XD I like the kimono! I'd never thought of drawing Flame in one, because her world doesn't really have anything like that, but it works really well. Thank you Acton!

Flame Song by Illimearu

This is just stunning. Really it is! It's one of the best versions of Flame I've seen, just as far as sheer rendering skill goes. It's natural, realistic looking, and the colors are gorgeous, I just love it! I think if it had been an action shot done with this kind of quality it would have won first prize. As is it's still one of my favorite pictures of Flame Song, and I really have to say a HUGE thank you to Illimearu for entering.

Third place:
Castle scene by Mary Lewallen

Here's another completely adorable picture! I wasn't expecting anything this detailed, really, so it was a pleasant surprised to get not only a full background, but three of my characters. I have to say again that it was a very close thing, and making the final decision was hard, but the amount of time and care that went into this lovely drawing was obvious. Thank you so much Mary! Please comment or e-mail me to let me know if you'd like a tail or a Loonakit for your prize.

Second place:
Picnic, by Sanzoskitten

I took one look at this picture and my jaw dropped. I have only done a couple of group shots of my characters, and I know how much work goes into one, so I was not expecting to get a picture with just about everybody in it! (Poor Yinwolf got left out, I guess because shi doesn't fly. Or because shi's too grouchy for a picnic.) But this really... just wow! I couldn't possibly not give a prize for this much lovely work. Thank you VERY much Sanzoskitten. Drop me a comment or e-mail and let me know if you want a tail or a Loonakit for your prize.

First place:
YinWolf, by Scheriff

I said it was hard to judge these, and I really do mean it. There are a number of lovely images that could have won first place and would have richly deserved it, but when I saw this picture I really knew it deserved a prize. It is just really beautifully done. There's a sense of depth, the character is not just slapped on a flat background, it seems like a real scene. And the mood, and the lighting are both superb. And Yin's expression really conveys something, you can tell how fierce shi is just by looking at hir. This piece really impressed me, and I just had to pick it for the first prize place. (And it gets a special mention for being the only picture I got that didn't include Flame Song. XD Apparently she's very popular!) Thank you very much Scheriff. You can comment, e-mail, or drop me a line on IRC to let me know if you'd prefer a tail and ear set, or a pair of Loonakits for your prize.

And thank you again to everyone who entered. I really did enjoy every single piece of art I got. I'll be contacting you all individually to see about mailing originals, because I really would like to own them. :) I feel this was a total success, and perhaps I'll even try it again someday. Thanks so much, everyone!
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