SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

Arts! Yay!

Computer is fixed, after much travail *smooches JJ thanks* and scanner is working again, yay! So I have arts. (Clicky for large version.)

I've been meaning to draw a halfmoon betta for ages and ages. And then you suggested a betta, and so I couldn't resist. Hence, Beetle Betta.

I wanted to do a samurai, but I will confess to being a lazy butt and not really wanting to draw all the fiddle little detail on proper samurai armor. But I did like the samurai idea, so here he is wearing everyday clothes, meditating. :)

ZOMG. This one came out better than I had expected. I hope you like it, and that the nekked isn't too bad. I just was SO pleased with how the pose and muscles came out that I couldn't bring myself to draw clothes (which I *completely* fail at, so they'd be ugly) over it. I'm not sure if I'll get to coloring it or not. We'll see. But it's fairly spiffy just with the line art, I think. Though the scan isn't perfect, it's too big for my scanner, so I had to do it in pieces and stitch it together.

I almost didn't post this one, but eh. If I can share chibi penises, I can share slightly suggestive Valentine's gift art. XD Serapha and Jordanis. I titled it "Love Bite."

I am being nice and kind and trusting towards the people trading with me. Please, people trading with me, don't let me down. No time pressure, but I do someday want to get art in return for this art. XD Also, if you want the originals, drop me a line and something can be arranged.
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