SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon


Just a general project update.

Blue Dragon is kind of on hold. For which I apologize, but I am having one of my rare cases of creative block, and it is just going nowhere. :P Since there's no deadline, it's put off.

I have a lion suit and a dragon plush currently underway. Also two canid plushes that are waiting on CRs crafts to get off their collective butt and ship me my noses already! I may see if I can call and pester them or something. I have some stilts, a refitting (blargh, not going to take any redoing/repair commissions again if I can help it) some tiger pants (yay!) and a cat suit also waiting in the wings that I'll probably work on this month.

Drawing-wise I have one commission, one trade, and one personal project underway. I wish the guy who commissioned me would get back to me about his color test already. :P The trade is cominng along, though I may do a second picture, this one is cute but really simple. And the personal drawing project is made of pure awesome and I might finish it tonight once I'm done sewing, because it's too awesome not to.

I think sometimes that people think I'm not working on stuff, just because they see me posting art and don't see me posting fursuits. But considering that the last several projects have been repairs, there's been nothing to post. Also I can turn out black and white art in just a few hours, whereas even something simple like a pair of hands still takes a day or two at least.

So I figured I'd mention that yes, I'm working, even though mostly right now I'm posting drawings, not sewing. Now that I'm drawing again, that's just kind of how it's going to go.

Oh, and I have a pony commission too, I need to find some time to work on that this month, and three or four Loonakits. Busybusy, as always.

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