SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

Sale time.

Well, I'm having some cash flow problems. To scare up some immediate money I'm having a tail sale. ALL custom tails are 30% off. This means, for example, that my standard fox tails, normally $35, are now $24.50. If you'd like a quote for a specific tail you're interested in, just comment here and I'll give you one. Or if you prefer you can e-mail me at

This sale has one condition. You have to pay right away. You can't order a tail at this price and send payment next week. Paypal only, payment today. Or maybe tomorrow, I'll extend it a little. But money next week can't buy my groceries today. These tails will get done quickly though! Unless I get totally flooded with orders (like that's going to happen) they'll be done in my usual 2-3 week tail timeframe, so you'll have them right away.

If you'd like to see some of the options available to you there's a lovely gallery of tails I've made right here:

And while I'm at it I have a half yard of fur fabric I need to get off my hands. Sold!

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