SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

OMG! Sale! Tails, ears, loonakits, pillows, and ponies. Well, one pony.

I cleaned out my tail bin today. I hadn't realized I'd accumulated so many! And some of them are from clear back in 04 when I first started this fursuiting thing. They need to be gone! And there are tons of other randon things I want to get off my hands. So! Sale time! Stuff starting at $3, holy crap.

Shipping is $5 for ANY number of items, anywhere in the USA.
International shipping is $10 for any one item, or any combination of small items. If you're getting all of the largest tails, I may have to charge a little more.

If you see something you like and you think it's still too expensive, make me an offer! I will almost certainly accept it! (So long as it's not completely absurd, $1 for something I've priced at $30 will probably get turned down.)

If you're buying more than one thing I will happily discount stuff! Just ask! If you're buying a ton of things I may throw in the cheaper stuff free, just ask!

I also have a HUGE box of scraps, shipping will be more expensive on it, but the scraps themselves are FREE!

Where you see two or three items in a photo I'm just indicating I have more than one on hand. They're still sold one at a time, not as a set, so the price listed is for just one.

Paypal preferred. Check, money order, or cash at your own risk all accepted.

Click the pics for larger images.












#10 SOLD


#12 SOLD















#33 HELD



#34 SOLD









#42 SOLD




If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask them. Feel free to comment here, or you can e-mai me at whatever is easier for you. If you want to buy, same thing, just let me know.
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