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Writing meme.

1. When did you start writing?

I was in kindergarten. So... five? I wrote and illustrated a story about balloons, and I bound it into a little book and everything.

2. First drafts: Handwritten, typed, or some combination?

Typed, always typed.

3. Do you keep any kind of notebook or writer's journal, and if so, what kinds of things go into it?

Nothing so organized. I usually have a notebook for jotting to-do lists and such at any given time, and I'll occasionally put some plot ideas or story notes down in one, but more often I jot things down on the computer in notepad.

4. Do you set any quotas for your work (number of words per day, number of hours per day, etc.)? Why or why not?

Ha! No. I write primarily for fun, and what fun is that?

5. Are you most comfortable writing short stories, novels, or something else?

Long stories, novellas, and novels. I don't do much under 20k words these days.

6. What's your favorite kind of story to write?

Fantasy. Stories where the characters learn and grow. Things OTHER than "teenage orphan saves the world as prophesied." Those are okay but I like writing about adults, and about stuff other than saving the world.

7. Talk about a story of yours that was easy to write and one that was difficult to write, and why.

Blood Choice was the easiest thing I ever did. It felt like it was writing itself. I mean, I had to do a lot of grunt work over the prose, but all the plot things and scenes that normally give me fits to hammer out just happened, I hardly had to think about it. The hardest right now is Blood and Magic. *sigh* I know it will be a better story told as a mystery, without ever seeing the bad guy's point of view, but it's really hard to show what he does and why with that limitation. It's not something I've ever done before, but I really want to make it work, so I keep hammering away at it.

8. Which of your characters is closest to your sense of self? In other words, who do you most identify with in your own work to date?

Ha ha haha! OMG. Who don't I identify with? My characters are all Mary Sues, or my personalities, or people I've been in dreams. Seriously. All my main characters are me in some way. The one that's the least me is David, from Blood Choice. Most everybody else is some version of me though.

9. What work are you most proud of right now?

Blood Choice. But nobody reads it. ;.;

10. What do you feel your strengths and weaknesses are as a writer?

Sound grammar is a strength. Horrible skills at writing action scenes is a weakness. :P

11. Name a few writers who have influenced you or your work in some way.

I really can't pin my writing style on any one or two authors. I hit the rate of one book a day when I was 12, and by the time I was 20 I was reading three books a day. It's dropped off in recent years because I have a life other than books now, but thousands and thousands of books have poured through my brain, I can't really say that any one of them stuck more than any other, honestly. Not that I'm consciously aware of, anyhow.

12. Talk about something you've written that you later found embarrassing for some reason.

I have no shame! If I did I wouldn't have posted ten+ year old stuff in my FA gallery.

13. Talk about the earliest stories you remember writing. What were they about?

Well, as I said, my first story was about balloons. And about Care Bears, but they were just there because they were easy to draw, the point of the story was sharing balloons with other children. I used to write a lot of sort of primitive fantasy epics about unicorns. (And by primitive I mean the storytelling skill level, not the setting they were in.) And tons of stuff about dragons. Dragons, dragons, dragons. Right now I mostly write vampires.

14. If you knew you would be successful, what would you most like to write?

What I'm writing now? I don't write things because I think they'll succeed, I write them because I want to write them. Any sort of success, however you measure it, is just a bonus.

15. What inspires you?

Everything. Dreams. Relationships I've had. Things I want to do. Scenes I see. The desert I grew up in. The forest and valley I live in now. Things I read. Things I draw. Things I see drawn.

16. How many projects do you tend to work on at once?

I have twelve things under way right now. That's pretty typical. And not counting things I've more or less abandoned but might maybe someday come back to. (Shall I list them? I probably shouldn't.)

17. Who reads your work before it's released to the public? Do you have beta readers, a critique group, etc.?

Heh. No. I don't like showing my freshly finished stuff to anybody, most things go through a lengthy personal editing cycle before I'll let anyone else lay eyes on them, and at that point I post them to FA, or to my daily page website. The Sanguine Canvas is a big exception to that. Each section does get some editing before I post it, but much less than my other stories have gotten.

18. When you're not writing, what do you do for fun?

Draw. Hike. Make art from old My Little Pony toys. Garden. Go to wine tastings. Mess around on the internet. That last one should probably have gone first.

19. Advice to other writers?

The more you read the easier you'll find writing with correct grammar to be. It's a pain in the butt to try and learn it from textbooks, learn it by reading people who write it well. Then write whatever you like, and enjoy it, and don't take it too seriously, that's a good way to drive yourself nuts.

Oh, and if you FARKING ASK FOR CRITIQUE AND SOMEBODY GIVES YOU SOME, DON'T RESPOND BY ARGUING WITH IT!!!!! I really hate this. It's extremely rude. I've taken the time to read your work, and to write up a lengthy analysis, because you asked, when normally I wouldn't have read it at all, and then you turn around and tell me that I'm all wrong, and you did it right, and you don't need to change anything. Well if it's so perfect, why did you ask for critique then? Is it because you were secretly hoping that I'd say "It's so perfect I can't find anything wrong with it?" Well, buddy, people criticize farking Harry Potter. There's something wrong with ANY story. If you don't actually want critique, DON'T ASK FOR IT. If you get a crit you don't agree with, just thank the person for their time and ignore the advice, but for HEAVEN'S sake don't argue with them! They're doing you a favor! Suck it up and thank them!

*ahem* Pet peeve there. Of course if you didn't ask and some twit just volunteers a rude opinion, tell 'em off, but if you asked, well... you asked!

20. What are you currently working on?

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many things. Focusing on getting The Sanguine Canvas finished mostly, since I've started posting it and I sort of should. Though my muse is making me do some work on To Sing a Silent Song, which is the story with the fantail, aka. "Thingy."

21. Share the first three sentences of a work in progress.

It's funny how strong the instinct for survival is.
When I found the little pool of water, tucked away in a tiny, shockingly green canyon, a miniature mountain oasis in the world-wide desert, I knelt and drank without thinking twice about it.
The water was wonderful, cool and sweet on my leather-dry throat.

That's from To Sing a Silent Song.

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